Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner

@AUDCHF(H4)-Pattern: Cypher : SellStop@: 0.60558, StopLoss: 0.60930, TakeProfit_1: 0.59982, TakeProfit_2: 0.59457, TakeProfit_3: 0.59087

How to Apply Signals:

There are two types of Signals generated by respective software:

  1. Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner Signals – They have entry price given and three(3) Take profit and a stop loss points.
  2. Zenith Harmonic Patterns Predictor Signals – They only show a D point prediction and are trend following. Suitable for traders with existing strategies and they need double confirmation

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Time Frame and Pairs

Signals range from 15mins to daily timeframes. Lower timeframes are suitable for intraday traders with trades exiting within a 24hour period, they are also suitable for traders with basic account balances. Suitable for traders who want to grow their capital.

Higher time frames have higher winrate but trades may remain open for hours to a couple of days. Suitable for traders with a goal for profit.

Money and Risk Management Rules

These rules only apply when you are trading our strategies either as a signals or software

  1. Do not have more than 10 trades open at any given time
  2. for every $500 trade 0.01 Lots
  3. Uniform Lots for all trades
Trade More Pairs and Instruments

The signals offered on this website are for sampling purposes you may generate more signals by purchasing respective software for each strategy. Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner and Zenith Harmonic Patterns Predictor

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