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Zenith Harmonic Systems and Complete Forex Signals have been providing Free Accurate Forex Signals to our subscribers since 2014.

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Our Signals have an accuracy of 70% to 90% depending on time frame and select pairs. There are time a pair can have a winning streak for a long period.

The longest winning streak on a pair was 5 months trading XAUUSD on H1.

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Mike N.

thank you guys for all the signals that you have been sending me..i learn a lot and reading the graphs. I really appreciate it and God bless you all

Tshepo R, Pretoria, SA

I have company that I run and only trade when I can get sometime. I have taken 16 trades shared so far and all end up in profit. I made enough to buy the Scanner on the first day. I will now trade more often with your software.. 

Zoran S, Brisbane, AUS

A Trade Call has Entry, Stop Loss and 3 Take Profit points for Maximum Profit..

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The Predictor Signal shows Where the D Point will be with Laser Precision...

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