Every trader is stormed by ads of all kinds of EA’s that promise wonders but you and I know most of these software work for a while and when there is disruption in the markets they cease to signal any decent trade calls..

Life is bound with cycles: from four climatic seasons in a year, the phases of the moon – heck even in business and economics we have four phases; expansion, peak, trough and recovery

It’s this understanding of cycles, signs and patterns that we have sought to explore existing strategies based on cycles, like the harmonic patterns, fibonacci, support and resistance, trends to build a robust system that will outlast any possible market conditions and remain profitable consistently.

Introducing Zenith Harmonic Systems:

We came up with two software that generate signals as follows:

1. Harmonic Scanner Signals
2. Harmonic  Predictor Signals

the Scanner signals have: Entry, Stoploss, and THREE Take Profit.. (this is straight forward) as long as any of the three TPs have not been hit.. they you can enter a trade even when its past entry price..

the Predictor Signals: Only have ONE Target (take profit) – it follows the trend.. You should execute the signal instantly and determine your own Stoploss according to your own strategy.. this is for Advanced traders who use more than one strategy to confirm a signal..

  1. Generate Signals with Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner – CLICK HERE
  2. Generate Trade Calls with Zenith Harmonic Patterns Predictor – CLICK HERE

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